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Multisports ground / Fitness

Multisports ground
Multisports ground with free access.

Combined abs and lumbar 
Work of the entire abdominal strap. 
  • Prop your feet up, lie down on the platform, and without applying pressure with your legs, bring your bust forward by contracting your abdominals. 
  • Standing, step over the central bar by positioning yourself between the horizontal bars. The hips against the upper bar, lean forward then bring the bust back.
Elliptical trainer
Cardio and thigh work.
  • Standing on the device, place your hands on the handles, and run while alternately bringing the handles towards you.
  • Horizontal bar: Train with body weight, stretch the spine and tone the back, shoulders and arms.

  • Pull seat: Develop and/or maintain the upper limbs, pecs, triceps and back. Several different grips to work different muscle groups.
Work mainly on the back muscles, but also on the rest of the upper limbs, lung capacity and coordination.
  • Sitting on the seat, place your hands on the handles, your feet on the footrests, and pull towards yourself by pushing with your legs.

Piston Multi Press 
Chest, triceps and shoulders work. 
  • Sitting on the seat, grab the handles, push forward, and gently return to the starting position.
    Adjust the dial to increase or decrease the resistance.
Station Mix 
Mix the practice of street workout and cross training.
  1. Suspension rings: working the whole body.
  2. Pull-up bar: development of back and pectoral muscles.
  3. Pull-up bar: hung by the hands, arms outstretched and feet on the ground, bring the body as close as possible to the bar.
  4. Step: cardiovascular activity that improves physical condition and allows you to refine.
  5. Dips: work on the triceps, pectorals and shoulders.
  6. Monkey bridge: improves resistance and traction force.
  7. Pull-up ladder: ideal for strengthening biceps, core and back muscles.
  8. Wall bars: allows you to stretch and improve the coordination of movements..

Senior Fitness
This equipment is installed at Bon Accueil park (behind the cinema)

Combined Seniors 
Engage the whole body. 
  • Ideal for working on coordination and strengthening the muscles of the body. The purpose of the exercise is to seek fluidity of movement and mobility of the joints of the upper and lower limbs gently.
Zone de Loisirs
(1, route de Cirey - RD 993)
54450 Blâmont

Any physical activity can pose a health risk.
Know how to regulate your efforts.
Do not practice if you are pregnant, cardiac or ill.
In case of pain, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor.
A warm-up of the body is strongly recommended before any sports practice.
n case of fatigue, it is recommended to limit your efforts on certain modules or to avoid them.
  • Sports equipment for people over 1 m 40.

  • Respect the normal use of equipment.

  • Do not use in bad weather (frost, rain).

  • Risk of skin burns in direct sunlight.