For your free time, Blâmont makes you Bon Accueil (good welcome)
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Bon Accueil is a set of leisure services offered by the city of Blâmont in Meurthe-et-Moselle

Cinema, camping, pond, fishing, playgrounds, festival shelter, fitness trail, city stadium, fitness... 

"Bon Accueil"
After November 11, 1918, the American Red Cross abandoned large stocks of effects, whose sale, at low prices, made possible to create a center called "Bon Accueil", devoted to general hygiene, childcare, and physical and intellectual education. The former Capuchin convent underwent major works: thus was born the “Bon Accueil” center, which did not survive the American bombings of 1944, but provided for 25 years, both hygiene services, as well as sports, leisure and culture. 
The name “Bon Accueil” still resonates, since it now brings together different leisure facilities.

With the remainder of the war damage's compensation, the city decided, at the end of the 1950s, to build a new "Bon Accueil" center with three buildings, whose project was approved in August 1961. The harsh winters from 1962 to 1964 caused hardship delay: carpentry 1964, interior fittings of the cinema, seats and surroundings 1965, electrification of the cabin, curtains and stage 1966, cinematographic equipment 1967, and finally, fitting out of the park in 1968.

Since, the cinema has been modernized, increasing its sound comfort and adapting to digital projection, without losing its charm of the yesteryear's cinemas.

Communal campsite
1974: the municipality decides to create a campsite accommodating 250 campers, near the existing stadium (extended in 1974/75, then completed with training grounds). Work began in 1975, and ended with the sanitary facilities in 1977. 
Spacious campsite in a rural environment, it still combines its rural tranquility with the proximity of the town center.

Communal pond
1977: the creation of a pond for fishing is decided. The digging and development of the campsite pond and its surroundings, took 10 years, with the installation of a children's play area and a party shelter. We have been fishing in Blâmont since 1988 in the municipal pond. 
The pond is open to any fisherman with a municipal fishing license: inhabitants, campers, visitors, the banks of the peaceful pond of Blâmont are waiting for you !

Fishing house
Opened in 2022, the fishing house offers half-day fishing enthusiasts in its trout ponds.

Fitness trail, play areas, multisport ground, fitness...
2002 : the walk around the pond is completed by a fitness trail of 2000 meters. Then in 2019, the playing area at the pond is completed by another for younger children, closer to the town center, near the cinema.
Finally, in 2022 the complex has been enriched in the leisure area with a multisport ground, fitness equipment and new games for children.

5 rue des Capucins & Zone de Loisirs - 54450 BLÂMONT